October 1, 2015

It’s hard to believe that today officially marks our second month in Italy.  Before we left, a few people back home made reference to the fact that time would fly for us, but not so much for them.  This is holding up to be true.  Talking with Brittany this morning, we both realized that while we desperately miss being able to see family and friends, we don’t really miss America at all yet.  There is just so much to see and do here.  I’m sure there will come a time when homesickness sets in and we will just want to do something American (like Thanksgiving coming up soon {that also includes our nephew Dylan’s first birthday and my mom’s birthday} that will make us miss stuffing a turkey and ourselves), but right now it’s still just the adventure of a lifetime.

I honor of our first month, we thought we’d post a few pictures of our first flat in Italy, which we are moving out of today.  We thought we’d do this for people back home, but also so that Brittany and I can go back, look, and remember what a fantastic time that we’ve had.

The exterior of our apartment when we moved in on September 1st!


The exterior as it looks on October 1st.  They started working on the roof around the middle of the month, maybe even a bit earlier.  Construction began every weekday morning at about 7:30.  It also meant we could no longer open our bedroom windows. 😦


Speaking of the bedroom though, here it is…all clean and ready for the next guest.


The same goes for the kitchen/living room. Shutters closed:


Shutters open:


To see our beautiful view of Via San Petronio Vecchio:


And let’s not forget one of our favorite cool Italian things…the awesome key to our apartment!


But as we say Arrivederci to one door…


…we say Buongiorno to another.


It’s quite the haul up these daunting set of stairs, although, as our new landlord said, everything past the little fence is our property.  And as Brittany pointed out…it’s like our own little picket fence.  We’ll come back to the little grey door with the tiny doormat a little later.


Here’s a view of our living room/bedroom on Via Sant’Apollonia.


And a better view of the space between our bed and the ceiling.


Some of the new space will take some getting used to…like sleeping in a bunk bed for the first time in 20 years, but others won’t take long at all…like our new view…

These shots are from our living room window.

_MG_1440 _MG_1441

And remember the little grey door with the tiny doormat?  Well it leads to these shots from our own private balcony!!!

_MG_1446 _MG_1442

Don’t worry, there will be more balcony photos to come.  It was raining and we didn’t want to get soaked…even though our balcony has a retractable awning!  We also need to find out more about our surroundings…like what is that giant church?

Anyway, our kitchen is actually pretty modern, which is nice.  Unlike our first place, it has an electric stove and almost full size refrigerator (even though that’s in the living room).  It has a sloping ceiling that leads to this fancy floor window modeled by both Brittany and myself.

_MG_1449 _MG_1451

And finally, not to be outdone by its cousin, we have our second awesome Italian key!


All in all, I think we are going to be very happy with both of our places.  Why?  Because we are in ITALY!

Italian word of the day: chiave – key (because they give you access to awesome places to live, and because they are so darn interesting here in Italy)


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