For those concerned parties…

I’ll keep this post short and sweet…

For any of you that have been concerned for Brittany and I because of our lack of Peanut Butter, Pancakes, or Mexican food…your concern has been appreciated but it is no longer needed, for today I found Pancakes and Mexican food!!!



As previously stated, the price of Peanut Butter and Syrup will keep us from indulging too much, but at least now we know where to find them!

On a side note, we’ve officially been here 3 weeks (my how time flies), and now that Brittany is in class, I spend most of my time writing these blog posts, writing other things, or exploring.  Brittany and I were talking about finding work here and the fact that, because of the language barrier, the only thing that either one of us would really be qualified for is some type of manual labor, which I would gladly do. However, if the Italian government allows me to stay past 90 days and get a job, I think I would like to lead some type of English-speaking tour around the city.  I’ve been reading up on all the places we visit, and with a little more work it might be something to look into.  If that doesn’t work out, I could always create a service that helps English-speaking foreigners find things around the city.  Need pancake batter…gotcha covered.  Searching for bacon…oh yeah, I know where you can find that.  Can’t find a Dr. Pepper…good luck, man, you’re on your own there.  In all seriousness though, with all our explorations, I can find most tourist-heavy spots without ever looking at a map…maybe something I could get into.

Italian word of the day: teatro – theatre (because it’s what Brittany and I do…plus for 130€ apiece, we can get a season subscription to Teatro Europa – that’s 8 shows for 130€ – Billy Elliot – The Blues Legend – Jesus Christ Superstar – Pinocchio – Rapunzel – Romeo e Guilietta – Opus Cactus (dance) – The Man: The Passion of Christ(dance))


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