Sometimes you just want pancakes…

Yes, sometimes you just want pancakes.  Apparently some people eat them for breakfast, but I have always been of the mindset that they make perfectly delectable lunches and even better dinners, especially when obtained from IHOP covered in Cinnabon icing.  So when Brittany decided she wanted to have pancakes for dinner…I was completely on board.

We have 3 small markets within a ten minute walk of our apartment.  They all have the necessities (pasta, bread, fruit, meat, snacks, pasta, bread, beer, wine, pasta, and bread), but there are a couple of supermarkets that take a little longer to get to but have more variety.  We decided to walk to one of these because we hadn’t seen much in the way of breakfast items (other than pastries) at our local markets.  So we grabbed our grocery bags (if the store provides you with a bag you are charged for it so most people bring their own) and headed across town in search of pancake supplies.

We decided to go to the Pam store, Coop is the other available market, but the associates at the Pam store have been friendlier to us.  You can choose to get a full-sized cart at either of these markets, but you have to pay 1 € to get the cart.  Instead, most people opt to get a basket, which has the handle for you to carry but also has wheels and a separate handle so it can be pushed around the store…pretty sweet.  We got our basket and started wheeling it around the market.

Apparently, every time Brittany and I go into a market, it is shopping time for everyone else as well…these places are always packed full of people; it’s a little intimidating to be completely surrounded by people speaking a language you cannot understand…keep that in mind, people.  Anyway, wheeling the basket around looking for supplies…Bananas!  Yes, bananas might be good on pancakes…let’s get those.  Bacon!  Yes, bacon goes with everything, especially pancakes…let’s get that.  Cream Cheese!  Yes, we might need cream cheese for the pancakes…let’s get that.  But that’s as far as we got.  We hit the breakfast aisle…no pancakes…no pancake mix…no mention of pancakes (frittella).  Okay, maybe if we try the baking aisle…no pancakes…no pancake mix…no mention of pancakes (or waffles).   Okay, maybe if we search the entire store…no pancakes…no pancake mix…no mention of pancakes.  (We did find frozen waffles, which would have worked if we needed a fix, but really wasn’t what we wanted.)  We went up and down every aisle searching for the word frittella, but could not find it.  Hordes of people, who knew exactly what they were looking for or could read the packages if they couldn’t, passed us…probably mocking us with our jitters.  At this point we had been so set on having pancakes that we might have been twitching a bit, might have even started wandering the streets looking for our fix.  Earlier, we had seen that the McDonald’s had pancakes available at breakfast, perhaps we might even be forced into that route.  How could this market, where we could buy a bottle of Disaronno for 10 €, a full Swordfish, or a haunch of horse meat (yep, there’s a post about it in my Random section) not sell light, fluffy, delicious PANCAKES!  And then, luckily, Brittany found a solution…Crepe mix in a bottle…just add milk.  Crepes…maybe they would work.  So we added them to our cart.  And now for syrup!  Oh brother, here we go again.  Of course they didn’t have syrup, they didn’t have pancakes, why would they have syrup.  We came to our senses though, you don’t put syrup on crepes, you put fruit on crepes…or Nutella!

Easily enough we found frutti di bosco confettura (berry jam) and the biggest vat of off-brand Nutella I’ve ever seen.

No kidding…here it is beside a normal sized bottle of wine:


(FYI…that knob in the background by the spatula, that controls a hose underneath the cabinet.  If you turn it on, water sprays all over the kitchen.  We found out the hard way not to turn the knob.)

After checking out, we lugged ourselves back across town, both exhausted from our excursion to the market, which had taken way more time than we had intended it to.  We got home and Brittany translated the crepe package while I started making bacon.  Brittany made the crepes with relative ease and, as she finished each, I covered it in either jam or Nutella and folded it to match the crepe on the package.


Our breakfast excursion actually turned out to be fantastic.  The crepes were both delicious and filling, the bacon was…well it was bacon…it’s hard to go wrong with bacon, and the ananas (pineapple) juice was very tasty.  We both agreed we would do this meal again sometime.

As a side note, we did eventually find syrup later at the Pam store by our apartment…still haven’t found pancakes.  But the syrup was 7€ for a tiny bottle, so I think we are good with our crepes.

Moral of the story: When life gives you lemons make lemonade; or in our case – when life denies you pancakes, make crepes and smother those bad boys in Nutella; or an even simpler lesson – life bad…eat Nutella and bacon.

Italian word (or phrase) of the day: il conto, per favore – the check, please (because once your done eating you can sit there forever unless you know how to get the bill)


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