“Who Chooses the Better Dish Off the Menu Challenge” (WCBDOMC) gets its own post!

Brittany and I were having so many delicious dishes, but inevitably one was always just slightly better than the other, so we started a competition – Who Chooses the Better Dish Off the Menu Challenge (WCBDOMC for short).  We were having so much fun doing this that we decided to give it its own post.  About 75% of the time neither one of us knows what we are actually ordering off the menu so it’s pretty fun.  The rules…order and taste…that’s pretty much it.  We both have to agree on a definite winner.  The score currently stands at Brittany 1 – Elijah 2.  Brittany winning on a pizza, and Elijah winning on gnocchi and Nutella gelato.

This time the challenge comes from pizza purchased from Pizzeria Due Torri (a pizza place right under the two towers of Bologna).  As usual, neither one of us knew what we were ordering…we used the point method to choose (see the one that looks tasty and point at it).

The competitors:

(FYI…we put my phone in the picture to show how ginormous these slices were.)


Brittany’s Slice:


Looks and tastes delicious.

Elijah’s Slice:


Also, looks and tastes delicious.

The verdict:

This one is pretty tough.  At first Brittany’s slice won hands down.  The “herbs” on her pizza were really, really great, but we couldn’t figure out what all was in the mix.  However, by the end of the portion, Brittany couldn’t eat anymore because the “herbs” were so overpowering.

We finally figured out which pizza was which on the menu.  Brittany got the Pizza Siciliana (pomodoro, olive, acciughe, capperi e origano).  I got the Pizza Cotto e funghi (pomodoro, mozzarella, cotto e funghi).  We figured out which pizza Brittany had because she offered what she couldn’t eat to me.  I took a bite and knew I was eating something that had fish bones in it.  Our pizzas translated: Pizza Siciliana – tomato, olive, anchovy, capers, and oregano) Pizza Cotto e funghi – tomato, mozzarella, cooked salami, and mushrooms).

So who wins?

We’ll give her a half point because it was tasty for a while, but anchovies and tiny anchovy bones.

Brittany 1.5, Elijah 2

Italian word of the day: acqua – water (because you need to drink lots and lots of water while traveling around on your adventures…and a 1.5 liter of bottled water is around .30 euros)

And now you know…


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