All the Pesci!

Before we left Tennessee, Brittany and I had dinner with her family in Knoxville.  While food was being prepared Brittany’s dad (Steve) and I went fishing.  It was the first time I’d been fishing in probably 3 years, and it was great.  I caught 2 bass, a large blue gill, and a catfish all in about an hour, and Steve caught…something.  I tell this little tale to say that I am familiar with fish, but it did not prepare me for the cornucopia and variety of aquatic life that would be available as food here in Bologna.  Now, I will also stress that I am from a land-locked state, and therefore only see things from the creek, lake, or aquarium, and I will also say that I have been to Seattle’s fish market, which is fairly famous, but still…I have been amazed by the amount of fish (and food in general) that is available here.  Maybe it’s like this in every big city, even in America, but it’s  still new to Brittany and I, and I still doubt the exotic variety is available.  And it’s not frozen and prepackaged…who knew that even existed!  We definitely need to figure out how to cook some of this on our little stovetop before we leave.

At the Supermercati Pam

IMG_1025 IMG_1024

Yep, that’s a swordfish head and some squid and octopus pieces among other things.

At the fish market on Via Drapperie….

_MG_0726 _MG_0727

_MG_0728 _MG_0729

Let’s see…there are pesce sciabola (Silver Scabbard Fish…the long silver fish), crabs, squid, mantis shrimp (the item on the right in the third photo…these guys are pretty interesting…go look them up), and then in the fourth photo (sorry it’s blurry) just a couple of octopi.

Charity, if your reading this, make sure to show Terry, Dale, and Luke and see if one of them would come and filet one of these for me…because we all know I don’t do that!

Italian word of the day: pesce – fish (because Knowledge is Power!…and because this page is mostly fish)

And now you know…


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