September 8, 2105

We decided to trek up to San Michele in Bosco, which is a church that sets on the hill south of our little apartment.  We had read that the view of the city from this point was breathtaking, and we weren’t disappointed, but, as always, there were quite a few wonderful sights along the way.

Via Alessandro Codivilla

The road the leads to San Michele is long and windy, but also full of surprises.  The first was this completely random little set of steps leading down to water access.  At this point, neither of us know what this spot is or what it is used for, but it was a fantastic little getaway.  (Also, there was what seemed to be a haven for ferrel cats there???)

_MG_0527 _MG_0539 _MG_0541 _MG_0542

Parco di San Michele in Bosco 

Next, we entered the park of San Michele in Bosco.  Along Via Alessandro Codivilla we had started to see bits and pieces of the cityscape as we climbed, but most every view was covered by tall trees.  Once we got to the park though, that changed.

We wound our way around sharp corners and up the park along a one lane road…darting cars whenever necessary, until we finally reached the summit.  And the view was everything that we read it would be.

IMG_0996 IMG_0997 IMG_1002

A view of the city from left to right.

In the first image, the large building just right of center is the Basilica di San Petronio (click here for our closer pictures).  As you can see, it is massive.


In the second image, you can still see the Basilica di San Petronio, but you also get a good view of Torre Degli Asinelli (click here for our closer pictures).  Also in this image…on the right side you will see the face of a church with a large window and a small tower slightly behind it and to its right.  That church is very close to our


In the third and fourth images, you see more of the modern side of Bologna in the distance.  We have yet to really explore these areas.



A close up of the Basilica di San Petronio.


A close up of the Torre Degli Asinelli.


A close up of the ex Chiesa Santa Lucia near our apartment.


San Michele in Bosco

The exterior of the church seemed to be a haven for kids, and when you think of the view I don’t blame them, but they weren’t interested in the view or the church or anything except driving their vespas around.

The church was also connected to a hospital so much of it was inaccessible to us, but we did manage to find our way in.  At first, we thought maybe we weren’t supposed to be there because no one else was around and it was fairly dim.  So we quietly wandered around snapping photos. Then a priest and a nun appeared and turned the lights on.  I think we were just the first people in for the open hours that afternoon, because after that, lots of people began showing up.

_MG_0585 _MG_0586

_MG_0589 _MG_0590

_MG_0596 _MG_0599 IMG_1003 IMG_1007 IMG_1008

Apparently Batman has been here as well…


Chiesa della SS. Annunziata

We left San Michele in Bosco and took a nice, leisurely stroll back through the park.  Just outside of the park was another church.  We had, in fact, already passed this church on our way up the hill, but this time we decided to stop.

According to the website Biblioteca Salaborsa, the church was built in 1304 and remodeled during the 17th century.  In the portico, you can see paintings of Lippi G. and P. Carracci from 1619.

_MG_0611 _MG_0615 _MG_0616 _MG_0622 _MG_0628 _MG_0610 _MG_0630 _MG_0631 _MG_0634

Images like those painted in the porticos can be found all over town.  Some are preserved very well; others are so near extinction that you can barely see that anything was there in the first place.  Part of you wants to scream that these should be placed in a museum and taken care of, but then you realize the entire city would need to be placed under a glass dome for that to happen.

Italian word of the day: gatto – cat (because cats just hang out on ledges acting cool here…plus Garfield eats lasagna…lasagna is Italian…enough said)

And now you know…


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