September 4, 2015

Today was a relax day.  Brittany had her first meeting at the University – a meeting to learn how to fill out a permit to stay…very helpful – and I tagged along.  After the meeting we went home to fill out as much of her paperwork as we could…and then we took a nice long break.

We just wanted to go and have dinner…that’s it.  Nothing fancy…just dinner, but it was much harder than we imagined. In Bologna, they have what they call aperitivo, this is a time before dinner where only drinks and light appetizers are served.  The plus side of this – if you order a drink (it doesn’t seem to matter if it is alcohol or not) you are served appetizers for free…Yum!  The downside to this –  if you want a meal you have to wait.  We went to a restaurant and were told that kitchen opened for dinner at 6:30.  So we sat and had our aperitivo, which was delicious, but at 6:30 no one around us had ordered any real food…so we waited…and waited…and waited.  Yes, sure, we probably could have ordered at 6:30 and been fine, but we didn’t want to be “those people.” When 7:30 rolled around and still no one was eating, we decided to maybe do dinner at home and research this whole aperitivo thing.

IMG_4074 IMG_0943

However, on our way home we ran across a little restaurant named Regina Margherita and I am so glad we stopped.  First off, they serve beer in half liters here.  Sure that’s not a lot more than back home, but it just sounds cool that I got a half liter of beer to drink with dinner…and it was super cheap.  (Side note: Brittany can get a pretty good bottle of wine for about 3-4 € and I can get a half liter of beer for 1 €.  Brittany’s dad’s warning…don’t come back alcoholics.)

IMG_4076 IMG_0944 IMG_4077

Brittany got Spaghetti allo Scarpariello.


And I got Gnocchi alla Sorrentina.


Both were beyond delicious, but in the Who Chooses the Better Dish Off the Menu Challenge it’s: Brittany 0, Elijah 2.

I really should get bonus points for this one since Brittany and I agree that it is the best thing either of us have tried so far, but, in her defense, we both wanted to get this dish.

Italian word of the day: prego – you’re welcome (because who knew it wasn’t just a brand name)

And now you know…


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