September 3, 2015

We finally really ventured out into the city today.  We started by running a few errands and then just kept going.  In hindsight we should have taken the camera, but our iPhone cameras actually take pretty spectacular photos (I’ll be expecting a check in the mail, Apple).

Heading out in search of a Tre Store (a local cell phone provider), we ended up in the shopping district.  We decided to walk through to see what kinds of stores there were and realized that basically everything is here (Apple, Disney, McDonald’s, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tiffany & Co, Gamestop, New Balance…just to name a few).  After walking just  a short way through the shops we entered a huge plaza and found the cultural center of town…the Piazza Maggiore.

Basilica di San Petronio

Again, because we only had our cell phones, there are not a lot of photos, but we plan to go back.

At the time we didn’t know it, but apparently this is one of the most famous places to visit in Bologna.  We did find out that construction of the church began in 1390 but completion of its outer facade was never completed.  This church is huge.  On a different day we saw Bologna from above and this thing dominates the area.


Le due Torri

The two towers of Bologna are also near this plaza.


We also managed to find Brittany’s school, which was just a few minutes away from the center of town.

Università di Bologna

We got to the school fairly late in the day, but we still wandered around and took some photos.  More will certainly come.  Just know this…the school was founded in 1088.

IMG_0934 IMG_0937

Italian word of the day: via – street (because everything is labeled Via Something-or-Another and knowing what it means will help you get around)

And now you know…


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