September 2, 2015

Well…we slept until about 2 PM today.  I’m not sure if it was jet lag, getting used to a new bed, or the noises of a new city (or of living in a city in general).  We did find out that garbage pickup happens between midnight and one AM, and it’s right in front of our apartment…that was an interesting find.

But after finally getting out of bed we had a light lunch at a local bar (think cafe more than bar…although they do serve alcohol…because every establishment serves alcohol here).  We decided to start off by venturing East to begin with.  Rather quickly, we found a porta and then another just down the street.  A porta is basically a door into the city.  At one point in history, Bologna was surrounded by a city wall, and many of these entrances still stand.  At some point we are going to post a picture of what the city used to look like, but without a scanner it’s difficult to do.  Also, I’m going to post some porta pictures here, but I think I’m going to dedicate a post to them later on since they are so interesting.

Porta di Strada Maggiore and the wall leading away from it

IMG_0906 IMG_0907

IMG_0915 IMG_4026


Porta San Vitale

IMG_0911 IMG_4024


We also finally managed to find a grocery store (turns out there are at least 3 less than a 10-minute walk away).  Inside the Pam Local, we found PASTA! So dinner was Prosciutto Tortellini with black and green olive and garlic marinara.  Very tasty.

A side note, we have a gas stovetop here…no oven…just four burners.  For those of you who don’t know, I don’t have a sense of smell, which means I don’t like using gas appliances, but when in Rome, right?!?  Anyway, we could not figure out how to turn our stove on for quite some time.  Turns out there are two faucet knobs on the kitchen wall.  Turning one of them turns on the gas to the stove.  Turning the other one opens a water hose that is underneath the cabinet, spraying water all over the kitchen…good to know.


Then we went out and found gelato, and not only gelato but Nutella flavored gelato. It was…how to even describe it…well, it was Nutella in a cone.  If you’ve tasted Nutella you need no further explanation.  If you’ve never tasted Nutella, well then, your life has been wasted thus far…go now…go to the store and find a jar of Nutella and something to dip it out with.  Anything will work…a spoon, a salty chip, your face…anything…just go!  As I was saying…I got Nutella and it was delicious…very, very messy, but delicious.  Brittany got (imagine a gross face here) pistachio.  Now there is nothing wrong with pistachio – I’m actually a big fan, but when your choice of gelato is Nutella or pistachio…you choose Nutella every time (she agrees now, by the way).

Who Chooses the Better Dish Off the Menu Challenge, or WCBDOMC for short:  Brittany 0, Elijah 1.


Italian word of the day: bicicletta – bicycle (because bicycles are everywhere here…on the street and on the sidewalk)

And now you know…


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