September 10, 2015

Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna

We decided to go to our first museum today. The National Museum of Bologna is just a few steps down the street from Brittany’s school, and it only costs 4 €!  We were a little hesitant about taking photos at first, but then we saw everyone else was doing it.  These were, for various reasons, our favorites.  FYI…I’m using Google Translate for the titles.

Opposite of the museum entrance


The ceiling in the entrance


A wall-sized mural at the entrance


Artist: Giovanni di Pietro Faloppi detto Giovanni da Modena (detto translates to called)

Title: Croce sagomata con il Padre eterno, l’Addolorata e i santi Giovanni e Francesco (Cross shaped with the eternal Father, Our Lady of Sorrows and Saints John and Francis)

Date: Around 1415



Artist: Lippo di Dalmasio

Title: Polittico (Painting or bas-relief composed of three or more plates, hinged together so as to be close one on the other. It is frequently in the form of altarpiece composed of more panels. The Free Dictionary)

Date: Around 1390

(Note the two towers of Bologna.)




Artist: Rinaldo di Ranuccio

Title: Crocefisso (Crucifix)

Date: 1265



Artist: Pseudo Jacopino

Title: San Giacomo alla battaglia di Clavijo (St. James at the Battle of Clavijo)

Date: around 1315/1320

(This piece was interesting because it had not been finished.  You can still see his pencil drawings in several places.  There was, in fact, an entire room dedicated to unfinished works like this, but the lighting was so dim that you could barely see the sketches, much less photograph them.)





Artist: Francesco del Cossa

Title: Madonna con il Bambino tra i santi Petronio e Giovanni evangelista con il committente Alberto de’ Cattanei (Madonna and Child with Saints John the Evangelist and Petronius with the developer Alberto de’ Cattanei)

Date: 1474

(This was one of Brittany’s favorites because she looks so fierce.)



Artist: Lorenzo Costa

Title: San Petronio in trono far i santi Francesco e Domenico (St. Petronio in throne to St. Francis and St. Dominic)

Date: 1502

(Again note the two towers of Bologna.)



Artist: Antonio di Bartolomeo Maineri

Title: San Sebastiano alla colonna (St. Sebastiano column)

Date: 1492


Artist: Francesco Raibolini detto il Francia, e bottega

Title: Cristo in pietà (Christ in piety)

Date: around 1510


Artist: Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci detto il Perugion

Title: Madonna col Bambino in gloria e i santi Giovanni evangelista, Apollonia, Caterina d’Alessandria e Michele arcangelo (Madonna and Child in Glory with Saints John the Evangelist , Apollonia , Catherine of Alexandria and Archangel Michael)

Date: around 1500




Artist: Raffaello

Title: Santa Cecilia in estasi con i santi Paolo, Giovanni evangelista, Agostino e Maria Maddalena (Holy Cecilia in ecstasy with St. Paul, John the Evangelist, Augustine and Mary Magdalene)

Date: around 1518

(That’s right…our first TMNT sighting!)



Artist: Innocenzo Francucci detto Innocenzo da Imola

Title: Madonna col Bambino in gloria e i santi Michele arcangelo, Pietro e Benedetto (Madonna and Child in glory with the saints Michael the Archangel, Peter and Benedict)

Date: 1517/1522






Artist: Lodovico Mazzolino

Title: Padre eterno (eternal Father)

Date: 1524



Artist: Francesco Mazzola detto il Parmigianino

Title: Madonna col Bambino e i santi Margherita, Girolamo e Petronio (Madonna and Child with Saints Margaret, Girolamo and Petronio)

Date: 1529



Artist: Copia da Raffaello (Copy of Raphael)

Title: San Giovanni Battista (St. John the Baptist)

Date: 1520/1530



Artist: Maestro dell’Avicenna

Title: Paradiso e Inferno (Heaven and Hell)

Date: around 1435

(This piece should actually be earlier in the list, but we still weren’t completely sure about photos when we originally passed it.  However, we had to come back and take some pictures.  This piece is terrifying and disturbing, but you have to look because there is so much going on.  Remarkable.)










Artist: Maestro dei Crocefissi Francescani e Jacopo di Paolo

Title: Croce dipinta con la Madonna orante fra due angeli [nella cimasa], san Francesco [nel suppedaneo] e sant’Elena [sul lato destro del tabellone] (Cross painted with the Madonna between two angels praying [in molding], St. Francis [in suppedaneum] and St. Helena [on the right side of the board])

Date: around 1254

(This is actually the first piece you see upon entering the actual museum (there are a few pieces in the entrance).  This might also be the oldest piece we saw there, but because of the entryway and the ticket-taker, there was not a lot of room to take pictures.)


Artist: Guido Reni

Title: Gesù Cristo in pietà pianto calla Madonna e adorato dai santi Petronio, Francesco, Domenico, Procolo e Carlo Borromeo (Jesus Christ in piety cry from Madonna and Adored by Saints Petronio, Francis, Dominic, Procolo and Carlo Borromeo)

Date: 1616

(This piece is HUGE.  {See the picture of Brittany standing by it.} It also contains the two towers of Bologna.)




Artist: Guido Reni

Title: Arianna (Arianna)

Date: around 1638/1640


Artist: Guido Reni

Title: Sansone vittorioso (Samson victorious)

Date: around 1617/1619


Artist: Guido Reni

Title: Gesù Cristo crocefisso, la Vergine addolorata e i santi Maria Maddalena e Giovanni (Jesus Christ crucified, the Virgin of Sorrows with Saints Mary Magdalene and John)

Date: around 1617


A snapshot of one of the long hallways full of magnificence.


Artist: Bartolomeo Cesi

Title: Incarnazione della Vergine in sant’Anna come Immacolata Concezione (Incarnation of the Virgin at St. Anne as the Immaculate Conception)

Date: around 1593/1595


Artist: Lorenzo Sabatini

Title: La Vergine assunta in gloria d’angeli (The Virgin assumed into the glory of angels)

Date: around 1569/1570


Artist: Giuseppe Maria Crespi e Luigi Crespi

Title: Ritratto dell’architetto Antonio Cartolari (Portrait of the architect Antonio Cartolari)

Date: none given

(All these religious paintings and then we throw in an architect.  Brittany liked it…I think she thought he was cute.)


Italian word of the day: libro – book (because after seeing all of these paintings, we have some reading to do)

And now you know…


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