September 1, 2015

We didn’t stray too far off of the beaten path on day one; however, here are a couple of photos with our view from the apartment.

From our bedroom window:


From our kitchen window:


We did go looking for food…which seems easy enough, however, I am writing this blog post on Sept. 12, eleven days after our first night and we have yet to master acquiring food.  Sure there are several small grocery stores near our apartment, but just grabbing a bite to eat in the middle of the afternoon requires some skill.  Finding alcohol…that’s easy…every store that’s open seems to serve alcohol, but food is a different story.  And, in our defense, we didn’t go very far away from the apartment at all the first night.  We finally found a shop that had a few items.  So our first meal in Bologna, Italy: a bag of sour cream and onion chips and a bottle of orange soda.

Italian word of the day: birra – beer (because every shop sells it and you can freely walk around the city carrying a bottle of it)

And now you know…


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